What Your Favorite Cocktail Says About You

If the saying “we are what we eat” is true, does that also go for what we drink? Does ordering a certain cocktail or certain beer say something about who we are? The people over at BuzzFeed seem to think so and they’ve come up with a pretty hilarious video depicting the stereotypes associated with each different drink type. I mean – we’ve all been there, right? You overhear someone’s drink order and you instantly assume something about the person. Take a look…

America is amidst a cocktail renaissance of sorts thanks in large part to the craft beer movement, the popularity of AMC’s smash hit show Mad Men and many of the speak-easy type establishments popping up all over the country. It’s certainly a cool thing for those of us who like to unwind with a cocktail, but you should know what your cocktail says about you.

Given the nature of this video and the curious nature of stereotypes, we’ve decided to list some of the other stereotypes out there associated with what you’re ordering when out at the bar. It’s always good to know what vibe you’re giving off in a social setting. Keep these in mind the next time your bartender asks “what’ll you have?”

Really – these are very helpful in a first date-scenario too. While you might just be ordering a drink because you enjoy the way it tastes, your date might be thinking these things when you place your order. It’s worth knowing these stereotypes even if you don’t alter your drink selections because of them. Perception is reality, after-all.

  • Red wine = Sophistication
  • White wine = Feminine
  • Vodka & Red Bull = Immature
  • Long Island Iced Tea = Cheap
  • Guiness = You play Rugby
  • Gin & Tonic = Boring
  • Rum & Coke = Simple
  • Tequila = Ready to Party
  • Sake = Pretentious
  • Martini = Trying to Impress
  • White Russian = Lebowski Addict
  • Stella Artois = Comfortable
  • Prosecco = Uptight
  • Shots = Alcoholic
  • Champagne = Princess
  • Rum = Adventurous (or a Pirate)
  • Bloody Mary = Heavy Drinker
  • Grey Goose = Metrosexual
  • Jager = Aggressive
  • Pina Colada = Carefree
  • Craft Beer = Hipster
  • Malt Liquor = Your name is Flavor Flav
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