Juke Box Songs You Hear In EVERY Bar (Videos)

Even if you are the shyest person on the Planet, when “Your” song comes on at the bar when you’ve had a few (too many), you’re belting that song like Mariah Carey in the 90’s.  Am I right?

We went searching for the TOP songs that seem to come on EVERY time you are out and we think you will agree this list is pretty accurate.  I would be surprised if every song on this list doesn’t have a night out memory tucked away in your brain! Enjoy 🙂

#1 Closing Time – Semisonic

This one is the song that makes you say “NOOOOOOO I’m not done drinking yet, I can still stand up without swaying and I’m not even nauseas yet.” But we all know, when this song comes on…it is, most likely, time to head on home!

#2 Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

This song turns anyone into an 80’s power ballad singer.  And forget knowing the words, you can make them up as you go, right? It sounds better the way you sing it anyway.  All we know is, you will probably have a memory or two of when and who you were with one night that this song come on, and good thing is, it’s such a classic, you will always hear it on the radio to remember those good times!


#3 Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi has got to be one of our favorite bands of all time.  Granted we are tried and true New Jersey natives…you have to give it to these Gods of spandex and jean jackets! We all have tried to to the Jon Bon Jovi shriek (and fail miserably…we aren’t sure he can even still do that). Livin’ On A Prayer was the song that made you think as an adolescent that you could find love, work really hard and make it. Such inspiration…no wonder we scream-sing this classic every weekend at the bar!


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#4 Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

Ahhh….Sweet Caroline.  And the MANY ways you can sing along to the (bah-bah-bah). Dive bars, cover bands, wedding bands, 4th of July displays.  You can’t escape this song…so thankfully its AWESOME!

#5 Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard

We have ALL seen the girls go crazy when this song comes on.  And if there happens to be a make shift stripper pole anywhere in the vicinity, watch out! This song turns the shy girls into exhibitionists and the exhibitionists into… Well, lets just say this song will be around for a LONG time. We have even heard it at weddings during the cake cutting ceremony….Classy!

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