Toasted Marshmallows Aren’t Just for S’Mores Anymore!

I bet you’re wondering what in the world you can do with a toasted marshmallow besides hug it with chocolate and graham crackers, right?  Well, in an attempt to create some fun in our house during the last snow storm I started to raid our cabinets. Being one of those people who never stocks up the kitchen with a pending storm on the doppler, we didn’t have much.  But…what we DID have was Marshmallows and of course, a bevy of alcohol.

So I searched for ideas on the internet and came upon a site called The Watering Mouth.  I followed the instructions below step by step and what a treat these were! We had Rumchata on hand, but any liquor you are a fan of will do.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did! Just imagine these at your next Summertime bonfire outside or even snowed in over your stove like we were! Cheers!

Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glass

This is a great recipe for parties — any liqueur will work. You can even just do this with kids and use chocolate milk instead!

4 marshmallows, regular size
2 ounces any flavor liqueur
2 forks
electric burner (or gas fireplace/burner)


Turn on your electric burner to red-hot high.

Stick a fork in a marshmallow, being careful not to pierce the bottom.
Hold the marshmallow side 2-3 inches over the burner. When it begins to smoke and brown, turn it again. Brown all sides of the marshmallow evenly, excluding the top where the fork is. Use the second fork to hold the marshmallow on while browning the bottom.
Slide the marshmallow off the fork onto a plate and allow to cool completely. The inside will implode naturally.
Pour liqueur into the cooled marshmallow and shoot immediately. If you wait too long, it will soak through the marshmallow.
Eat the marshmallow!

Recipe and Photos Source The Watering Mouth

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