The Why and How of Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day

Green beer has become the drink of choice for most people on St. Patrick’s Day. No matter what bar you walk into on March 17th they will most likely be serving the festive favorite. So where did the drinking food coloring tradition come from? Luckily we did some research for you and not only can answer that question, but also show you how to make it for yourself!

More than likely the tradition of green beer started with the Irish tradition of dropping a clover in one’s drink then drinking it all down for good luck. But the first recorded incident of beer being turned green occurred in New York City in 1914. Bucket List Bars

Here is how you can make this St. Patrick’s Day tradition at home!

How To Make Green Beer

1. Choose a light colored beer. A pilsner, IPA or light beer are all good choices. You can make darker beer green, but it requires so much food coloring that your teeth will turn green.

2. Squirt 4 – 6 drops of green food coloring in the bottom of a beer glass. Use more drops for beer of a darker hue. Use liquid food coloring, as opposed to gel; it’ll mix with the beer much more easily.

3. Fill the mug with beer. The food coloring will mix with the beer as you pour, tinting your beer a lovely green. Don’t stir the beer, or it’s likely to go flat.

4. Enjoy

How to Make Green Beer Without Dye

1. Buy beer bottles made of clear glass and beer that is light in color

2. Get a shamrock green Beersicle. You’ll be able to find this product online and at some alcohol-related product retailers.

3. Freeze the Beerzicle if you wish. This will chill your beer.

4. Insert a bottle into the Beerzicle. The beer now looks green. You’re ready to be the talk of any St Patrick’s Day party!

Now you are ready to celebrate! Have a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day!

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