When Technology Meets Alcohol, This Happens

The Perfect Drink

The Coolest Drinking Gadget Ever

Have you ever hosted a party and not felt comfortable pouring drinks for your guests?  Hate the idea of shelling out cash for a guest bartender to handle that all important part of your event? Well – Brookstone and Vat19 have come together to make the COOLEST drinking gadget that has ever existed. It’s call The Perfect Drink. Here is the official description of this amazing new drinking accessory:

Enjoy the expertise of a world-class bartender at home with The Perfect Drink.855317p

The set includes a smart-scale paired with an instructive app for your mobile device that helps you create perfectly proportioned cocktails.

Simply place your glass (or the included stainless steel cocktail shaker) on the scale and start pouring. The ingenious app knows the density of every liquid ingredient so that it can tell you exactly when to stop pouring.

Use the “serving size” feature to fill large party pitchers and the “cabinet” feature to only display cocktails that can be made with the liquors you have readily available.

The free app is updated monthly with new recipes and features and is compatible with most any iOS or Android device. Includes a 750mL stainless steel cocktail shaker, two pouring spouts, smart scale, and tablet stand.

How cool is that? Below is a video of The Perfect Drink and how exactly it can help you pour better cocktails for your party guests.  Why mess around trying to measure things out and wind up disappointing everyone with drinks that are too weak or too strong? The Perfect Drink makes the process much more precise and even provides you with a list of drink recipes that are constantly updated to give you some creative options to serve. Technology and drinking – the world is definitely changing!

Source: Brookstone

Additonal Source: Vat19

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