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Don’t Waste Calories At Cocktail Hour – 5 Low Calorie Options

Warmer weather usually means we start watching what we eat…and drink…so we can fit into those more revealing outfits.  So don’t waste precious calories at the bar…and don’t go thirsty either!  Here are five really great low calorie cocktails you can order at the bar with complete confidence because they are all 200 calories or […]

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The Cocktails You Love…With Less Calories!

Why give up your favorite cocktails just because you’re watching your calories?  Everything in moderation is the key, so we have found great and low calorie alternatives to your favorite drinks on the Oprah website. We are so in love with this list because these are actually low calorie drinks you will love! Now you […]

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Cocktails Under 150 Calories

If you are looking for some low calorie cocktails to make this weekend, or maybe after a long day at work, here are 5 choices all under 150 calories per glass.  So you can have a drink (or two) and not completely ruin your workout from earlier in the day! We think you will find […]

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