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4 Refreshing And Fruity Wine Cocktails

Wine cocktails are so much more than sangria and we have found four mouth watering cocktails for you to try! There is nothing like a glass of wine, at least in my book, but sometimes you want to taste something “different”. If you love watermelon, berries, pomegranate and peaches….give these a whirl and see if […]

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The Cocktails You Love…With Less Calories!

Why give up your favorite cocktails just because you’re watching your calories?  Everything in moderation is the key, so we have found great and low calorie alternatives to your favorite drinks on the Oprah website. We are so in love with this list because these are actually low calorie drinks you will love! Now you […]

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Grapefruit and Lemonade Batch Cocktail Recipes

Spring is around the corner and that means the weather will start getting warmer and the drinks we reach for will be more of a refreshing variety.  Parties become more frequent since you will want to enjoy those longer hours of daylight with your friends and family.  And where there are more people, you need […]

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