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Amaretto Cocktail Recipes – 5 Delicious Reasons To Say Cheers!

National Amaretto Day this weekend has truly inspired us here at Everybody Loves Cocktails. There is no secret that we love cocktails, it is the reason why we are here. These cocktails are our favorite of the week…and it’s only Wednesday! From a cocktail that tastes like an Almond Joy to one that is reminiscent […]

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4 Amaretto Infused Desserts – Video And Recipes

National Amaretto Day is approaching this Sunday and we wanted to get you well on your way with four desserts that we think are DELICIOUS! And by delicious we mean, “Why does this taste like this, I never want this taste to end.” They are THAT good. The best part about getting to blog about […]

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Planning a Bachelorette Party? You Need This Shot!

The Cherry Blow Pop This is an awesome shot to build up a little liquid courage and get the night rolling in the right direction. The bachelorette, the bridesmaids and all of the ladies in attendance¬†will love you for ordering this delicious concotion. It’s made with Amaretto – which is a sweet, almond flavored, Italian […]

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