Meet VINIQ…The Shimmery Liqueur + Cocktail Recipes

Tired of the same old cocktails? Do you like things that sparkle? We aren’t talking about Vampires here, but a new type of Liqueur that literally SHIMMERS! We introduce you to VINIQ Shimmery Liqueur…

Here is some info and recipes we found on the Viniq website and you can check them out HERE…all we know is that this stuff is delicious AND gorgeous.  Like magic in your glass, so we wanted you to see what we love so much about it.

A delicious combination of Premium Vodka, Moscato, Natural Fruit Flavors, and a one-of-a-kind shimmer, Viniq is the perfect fusion of style and taste.


Meet The Viniq Flavors…


Sweet, refreshing and shimmery, Viniq Original catches your eye before it even hits your glass. A fusion of Premium Vodka, Moscato, and natural fruit flavors, Viniq tastes of refreshing peach, berry, and citrus – the perfect flavors to complement to your evening.

Serve it classic by itself, on the rocks, or combined with your favorite mixers for a cocktail that tastes great and looks glamorous.


Viniq Ruby has arrived! This stylish shimmery red liqueur will have everyone talking, with a delicious flavor that is sweet and refreshing. With flavors of red berries, and a one-of-a-kind shimmer, Viniq Ruby tastes great and looks stunning. A fusion of Premium Vodka, Moscato, and Natural Fruit Flavors paired with a bold new look is the perfect complement to glam up your night.

Serve it by itself, on the rocks, or pour into delicious mixers to begin the evening. Time to shimmer!

Here are some of our favorite cocktails made with VINIQ … Cheers!

Source VINIQ


 Now To Taste Them…


Fruity and refreshing – a glamorous drink that matches your good looks and sophistication. It’s a scrumptious way to start off Happy Hour with your besties.

3 oz. Viniq
1 oz. lemonade (half fresh lemon juice/half simple syrup)
.5 oz. premium orange liqueur
2 oz. champagne
Mint sprig

Pour all into a shaker, stir thoroughly, add ice and stir again, strain, garnish with a mint sprig and enjoy.


Three favorites together – Premium vodka, champagne and of course, Viniq. Sounds like a fabulous accompaniment to your girls’ night out!

2 oz. Viniq
1 oz. premium vodka
2 oz. champagne
Orange twist

Shake all except champagne, strain into a tall flute. Add the champagne, then garnish with a long orange twist.


Serve up this tantalizingly delicious drink at your celebration! Viniq shakes up the original sangria with this gorgeous punch.

3 oz. Viniq
1.5 oz. moscato
1.5 oz. pineapple juice
Lemon wheel, mint sprig

Pour all into an elegant, ice-filled glass, garnish with an orange wheel & mint.


Add a little sparkle to your shimmer by mixing champagne with Viniq.

2 oz. Viniq Ruby
3oz. champagne
Lime squeeze

Pour all into a champagne flute and serve chilled.


Stay high class and show ‘em how you shimmer with this playful twist on the favorite rum runner!

2 oz. Viniq Ruby
2 oz. Shellback® Spiced Rum
2 oz. champagne
2 oz. lemon lime soda
Fresh berries

Pour all into a highball glass, stir thoroughly, add ice, garnish with berries and enjoy.


Two ingredients – one out of this world drink. Unlock galactic flavor with the Cosmic Fire.

1 oz. Viniq Ruby
1 oz. hot cinnamon whiskey
Orange squeeze

Pour all into a shaker with ice, shake, and strain into a shot glass and enjoy.

All Recipes and Info Source VINIQ

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