Husband Animates Joke told by Drunk Wife

A very talented and humorous director and animator named Adam Patch recorded his wife one night after she had a few too many glasses of wine. She was trying to tell a joke about two chips. Afterwards, Adam put his wife’s hilarious commentary over a short, animated video of the joke. The results are far funnier than we thought. I came across this video earlier today and really laughed pretty hard.

It reminded me of all the times I’ve been with friends or my college buddies and some of the ridiculous things that occur as a result of feeling a little buzzed. This is an innocent little moment between a husband and wife that was turned into something creative and funny for all of us to enjoy. I don’t know either of these people but it’s safe to say that laughter and having a good time are the top of their priority list. Good for them. I’m glad Adam was able to come up with this idea and that his wife had such an amazing joke to tell. Watch….it’s worth a minute of your time. I promise.

What’s really cool to me is that you can hear her having a good time. She literally can’t get out the last words because of how funny this seems to her in the moment. Now – maybe it’s the wine laughing and not necessarily her. But isn’t that the point. We drink to celebrate and have fun and enjoy each others company. And in this instance, all three things were accomplished.

I recognize that this is only a tiny glimpse into these people’s lives but it is very telling that they are comfortable enough with each other to have this sort of care-free interaction and to turn an otherwise ordinary moment into an internet sensation. This was shared on Facebook upwards of 700,000 times.

Hahaha….just another reason that Everybody Loves Cocktails!

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