How To Make Skinny Drinks (Video)

How to Make Skinny Drinks – Let’s Mix with ModernMom

Let’s face it…sometimes we sacrifice our “diets” for a drink or two with the girls on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, right?  Well, why not make better choices in what you are sipping on and make a “Skinny” cocktail using lower calorie ingredients!  There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting with your friends and venting about the week or celebrating something exciting! The worst thing is waking up the next day realizing that all of those mudslides or long island iced tea’s really did a number on your waistline! Bummer!

We know that drinking our liquor of choice “straight up” is the best way to cut calories when we sip on a cocktail…but sometimes that can be so BORING! If you make sure to measure out your drinks and try not to over do it with the mixers, you can create a lovely and delicious mixed drink that won’t taste like you’re drinking straight from the bottle.

In this video you will learn how to make a pretty jazzy vodka cocktail with colorful fruit garnishes and whatever juices you already have in your refrigerator.  It couldn’t be easier to make at home for yourself or a few of your friends.  This cocktail has “Girls Night In” written all over it! Use your favorite brand of Vodka and choice of juice to make this cocktail your own. In this video from Modern Mom she uses one of our favorite brands, Tito’s Vodka.

We hope your enjoy the video! Cheers!

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1.5 oz Vodka (your choice)

1 tsp Triple Sec

Juice (your choice)

Fruit to garnish


Fill your glass with ice

Measure out 1.5 oz of vodka and pour in glass

Take a teaspoon of Triple Sec and add

Add a splash of juice, just to taste

Add fruit to garnish

recipe by Modern Mom

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