How to Make A Vodka Infused Watermelon

Vodka Infused Watermelon

You’ll be looking forward to fresh watermelons even more this year now that you can infuse it with vodka! This great recipe is perfect for BBQs, College Graduations or on any hot summer day. Imagine watching the fireworks on July 4th and having a bowl of chilled watermelon chunks that are saturated in Grey Goose or Belvedere.

If you’re not a fan of vodka, that’s ok too. Just switch it out for some rum and you’ll be eating your way to a happier day in no time!


1 (26-ounce) bottle of vodka
1 large watermelon


  • If your watermelon doesnt have a flat side that allows it to rest securely on the counter, slice a small portion of the rind off, creating a flat surface.
  • Remove the cap from your vodka and place it on the top-center of your watermelon. Using a marker, trace around the cap.
  • Once you have outlined the cap, use a sharp knife to cut around the circle. Once cut completely, remove the watermelon rind. Save the rind to use as a plug if you will be transporting the watermelon.
  • Take a spoon and clear away any watermelon that may get in the way of the neck of the bottle.
  • Place the cap back on your vodka and place the neck of the bottle in the hole, making sure it can rest securely in the watermelon.
  • Once the hole is ready, rotate the watermelon so the hole is on its side. TIP: Doing this at the edge of a counter or table will allow you to rotate the watermelon more, making it easier to insert the bottle of vodka without spilling.
  • Insert the bottle of vodka, rotating the watermelon back into its secure position.
  • Allow watermelon to infuse for 12-24 hours at room temperature.
  • Once the vodka has infused into the watermelon, refrigerate until cold (if preferred), then cut into slices and enjoy responsibly!

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Source: Drinklab Cocktail Recipes

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