Dave Matthews’ New Wine Is Helping The Environment

Dave Matthews has more to offer these days with his new brand Dreaming Tree Wines. Coined after a song on the Dave Matthews Band album, Before These Crowded Streets, Dreaming Tree Wines is the baby of Dave and Steve Reeder, veteran winemaker, from Sonoma, CA. Here is a little background, video and information on how their brain child is helping do great things for our environment.  Dave Matthews Band has always been one of my favorite musical groups, and now Dave Matthews has made me a Dreaming Tree Wines lover as well!

Introducing Dreaming Tree Wines by Dave Matthews and Steve Reeder

When you get two people together who share the same passion, interesting things are bound to happen. Whether it’s finding the right notes and rhythms in a piece of music, or the right tones and flavors in a great bottle of wine, Steve and Dave know how to create something special that not only entertains, but really hits the spot. Like the saying goes – “Great minds drink alike”. Dreaming Tree Wines



There are four choices in the Dreaming Tree collection.  Everyday and Chardonnay represent their whites and Crush and Cabernet Sauvignon represent their reds.  Everyday and Crush are wonderful blends, and just happen to be my favorites!

You’re also doing some good for the environment by choosing Dreaming Tree Wines as your drink of choice.  They pride themselves on such features as recycled paper labels, lighter weight bottles that require less fuel for shipping and they encourage recycling of the bottle and cork.

To date, The Dreaming Tree has proudly donated $500,000 to environmental organizations, such as The Wilderness Society and Living Lands & Waters. Dreaming Tree Wines



The Wilderness Society is a premier conservation organization working to protect our nation’s wild lands. Since 1935, it has led the effort to permanently protect nearly 110 million acres of wilderness in Mendocino National Forest, Cherokee National Forest, and many others across the country. It has been at the forefront of nearly every major public lands victory. Living Lands & Waters is a leading environmental organization, working to protect, preserve, and restore the natural environment of the nation’s major rivers and watersheds. Since 1998, it has grown to be the only river cleanup organization of its magnitude in the world. Dreaming Tree Wines

Now you can feel GOOD about drinking wine!

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Learn How To Choose The Right Wine For Your Dish HERE

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