Cocktail Party 101 With Clinton Kelly (Video)

There is so much more to throwing a cocktail party than just food and drinks.  What about the flow of the party and where to set up seating and the bar?  Have you ever been to a poorly planned party and you get stuck sitting in the corner of the room with no way out other than climbing over people to get another drink? Well, Clinton Kelly of TLC’s What Not to Wear and ABC’s The Chew shares his tips for throwing the ultimate party. In this video, Kelly demonstrates the best way to set up your home for a cocktail party and offers ideas for music and lighting.

Clinton’s Top Tips:

*Plan your space to keep a good flow for people to move around easily.  You want enough seats for about 20% of your guests to sit down.  The rest will want to stand and mingle.

*Arrange chairs in a horseshoe shape so people can come in and sit but also allows them to get up and leave when they want to grab some food or another cocktail.

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*Set out room temp hors d’oeuvres can be set out before your guests arrive.

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*Candles make a great accent to your food display.  Everyone looks great by candlelight! But be sure not to set the candles in between your guest and food or you will need a fire extinguisher nearby.  Do not set your guests on fire!

*Don’t forget about music.  Plan a day before to make a playlist that will last the length of your party, usually 4-5 hours.

*Start with older songs and graduate to current music. Most of the time your older guests will arrive first, leaving the younger and “ready to party” friends at the end.

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*Put your bar in a centrally located area because people tend to congregate around the bar area.

*Have trays set up around the space for garbage.  This will allow guests to discard trash and easy for you to pick up the tray and clean up and avoid going around finding empty glasses around your apartment.

*Put your buffet food in one space allowing people to get what they want and move on to another area of the party.

Hope this helps you throw a great cocktail party!

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