Planning a Bachelorette Party? You Need This Shot!

The Cherry Blow Pop

This is an awesome shot to build up a little liquid courage and get the night rolling in the right direction. The bachelorette, the bridesmaids and all of the ladies in attendance will love you for ordering this delicious concotion. It’s made with Amaretto – which is a sweet, almond flavored, Italian liqueur. It’s easy going down and when mixed with Southern Comfort and Grenadine – it actually tastes just like a cherry blow pop! And who doesn’t love Cherry Blowpops?

This isn’t a very strong shot either and won’t be too overwhelming for those in attendance. Overall, it’s fun, it tastes good and it should help you get things going on the bride’s big night!


Source: Bartending Bootcamp

REMEMBER: A bachelorette party is almost synonymous with drinking and having a memorable time but it is also important to take the following words of wisdom:

  1. Do not get the bachelorette too drunk since you want her to remember her fun time!
  2. If the bachelorette does not drink, don’t force her since it is her time to shine and have fun!
  3. Make sure to have a sober driver if you are driving around. You want to have fun and have everyone safe as well.
  4. If drinking a strong alcohol, make sure to choose a reputable and quality brand so there are less chances of headaches and feeling sick.

It’s not a bachelorette party without the right cocktails. So make sure you check out some of our other recipes to help get you headed in the right direction.


1/3 oz. Southern Comfort
1/3 oz. Amaretto
1/3 oz. Grenadine


Pour all three ingredients into an short shaker with ice. For better taste, let it chill for a bit.

Type of Drink

Shot or Slammer

Recommended Glass

Shot Glass




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