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Cocktail Dress Arm Workout – 5 Simple Movements

Time to get those arms toned and looking awesome for cocktail dress season! This is a super easy to follow workout…only 5 movements to remember! Easy enough to do in the morning or right before bed. You will be on your way to confidence and compliments in no time! All five exercises are movement patterns […]

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Use Booze For Beauty – 5 Ways To Pamper Before Your Party

There’s so much more to throwing a cocktail party than just food and drinks! If you want to look like a STAR at your party, of course you need to pamper yourself before greeting your guests at the door! ¬†Good thing you will have a selection of liquid libations on hand for these booze infused […]

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How to Have a “Pinch Proof” St. Patrick’s Day

We’re gearing up for another St. Patrick’s Day and maybe you’ve heard the saying “Pinch Me, I’m Irish?” Did you know that by making one wrong decision with your outfit choice on this Holiday could mean a few tiny bruises on your arm? We are here to help you avoid this from happening with a […]

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