The Best Bar Trick Ever – Video

The Best Bar Trick Ever –

The Cherry Trick by Jason Crawley

How often do you get a bartender that really cares about their job and is willing to do a bar tricks?  Unfortunately not as often as you should.  Bartenders nowadays are all about just getting your drink to you as fast as possible and moving to the next customer.  This is a major problem!  In the past a bartending job was usually a second job to help save money or a part time job to help you get through college.  Now it has turned into a profession where people have the ability to make money hand over fist by slinging drinks.  If you are going to make a career out of bartending I feel like you need to live up to standards.  Over time I think the bartenders tend to lose site on what they are there to do.  They are there to provide a patron with a delicious cocktail, a fun experience and a very positive attitude.  With this being said I have listed ten etiquette tips for bartenders sourced from Houston Press Blogs

10. Don’t openly judge the drink I just ordered

9. Don’t make a scene giving free drinks to friends

8. Clean the freaking bar

7. Don’t insert yourself into my conversation unprompted

6. Know what you have behind your bar

5. Don’t talk about customers in front of other customers

4. Don’t say you can’t make something unless you really don’t have the ingredient

3. Have a good attitude

2. Don’t get drunk while on the job

1. Don’t shake a manhattan

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I think this gives a very basic look on how a bartender should act behind a bar.  On the other side of all this is the bartender in the video.  Some people have really took the bull by the horns and really figured out how to provide an experience for their customers that has them coming back again and again.  Please enjoy this cool Cherry Trick!

Video Sources by YouTube

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