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If you’re fortunate enough to own a home and even more fortunate to have a backyard attached to it….well – prepare to have your mind blown. There is a new trend popping up across the country that really might be the smartest thing we’ve ever seen. Ok…probably not that smart. But it is really, really cool. Let me explain:

In this backyard of yours, you have options to turn that space into an entertaining part of your home. It’s prime territory to carve out something really cool for you and your family. ¬†You can install a pool – for example. Great way to enjoy the outdoors and keep cool. However, it is is a big investment.

You can shell out $10,000-$15,000 on a deck and have people over for BBQs and to bathe in the sun. I’ve had plenty of great times doing just that. If your home has a deck, by all means enjoy the hell out of it. But if it doesn’t, again….$10k is no joke.

You can put in a pond or some water features.

You can go with generic landscaping and a fence.

If you have kids, maybe the big jungle gym is the route you take.

The point is, that you have options. Plenty of them. These are some of the basic options that most people KNOW about.

There’s also the shed. A place where you keep your lawn mower or your tools or your basic “overflow” of stuff. Everybody who has a shed, uses it for those basic purposes.


Not EVERYBODY. Here’s where this new trend comes into play. What if I told you that sheds have a new purpose. Yes – typical Home Depot style sheds that you can buy and have installed for $1,500-$5,000 (depending on the size and layout). Are you ready?

How about a backyard pub built inside the shed? Your very own pub, a place to unwind and serve drinks to your friends and family. Take a loot at these things and tell me you don’t want one. Seriously…serve up your favorite cocktails in style, outdoors and you don’t even have to leave home. No designated driver. No babysitters. No parking fees or crazy expensive drinks. Just invite the gang over, open the doors to your newly installed shed and let the good times roll.





Those are pretty elaborate…here are some more options to consider:





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