About Us

Tom & Tony (The Cocktail Guys)


TomĀ spent most of his younger days bar tending in and around the Atlantic City area. He has since transitioned into the role of Director of Sales and Marketing for one of the country’s top liquor distributors. He has an extensive knowledge of brands and years of experience mixing drinks. Armed with his knowledge, we hope to give you an incredible source of information for all things cocktail related.

  • Favorite Drink: Old Fashioned

Tony is a former college athlete that now spends his time in the Monday Night Football booth as a Spotter for the broadcast team. Though his career is sports related, he’s always carried with him a passion for going out and having a good time. He represents our business side and he’s dedicated to making Everybody Loves Cocktails an enjoyable experience for our readers.

  • Favorite Drink: 7 & 7

Jenn (The Cocktail Girl)












Jenn, a Playboy Bunny who was featured as Miss March 2009, spent years inside one of the most exclusive party scenes in the world – The PLAYBOY Mansion! She is a fantastic addition to the team and her very unique experiences are sure to be worth reading. Jenn is our heart and soul. And certainly the best looking of the group. She’ll be keeping you up to date with party themes and great cooking infusions that featured booze.

  • Favorite Drink: Jack on the Rocks