5 New Cocktails For Negroni Lovers


5 Fresh Cocktails for Negroni-Lovers

What Is a Negroni?
The Negroni is the combination of dry gin, sweet vermouth and bitter Campari — usually in equal parts. Negroni is the traditional Italian cocktail and if you happen to be Italian, you probably know what we mean!

But lets say you want to add little variation to this popular cocktail…here are 5 ways to tweak it to have a little something new to sip on! We found the recipes on The Kitchn and you need to check them out…they know their stuff! Hope you enjoy their creations!




1. The Americano                                                                                                                                       This is their second go-to cocktail when they want to try something other than a Negroni. It’s lighter as the gin is replaced with a big glug of soda water. Truly the perfect summer apéritif.



2. The Boulevardier

Think of the Boulevardier as the Negroni’s older brother — darker and a little edgier, perhaps. The two drinks are very similar. The main difference is that the Boulevardier boasts bourbon instead of the more traditional gin used in a Negroni.

3. The Capelletti Cocktail

This is a broad category here rather than a specific recipe, but Cappelletti is an Italian liquor very similar to Campari so it makes a great stand-in when you’d like to try something new. They find the flavor to be a bit sweeter, so Campari is their preference but they have both on hand and like to experiment with each. 



4. Aperol Spritz

This combination of sparkling wine, a splash of Aperol and club soda couldn’t be more refreshing. Aperol is similar in flavor to Campari, but has less alcohol and a more mellow flavor (not as bitter). Combine that with the soda water and sparkling wine, and you’ve got a patio-worthy cocktail to linger over this summer.



5. Massimi (Cynar Cocktail)
Cynar is a super herbal, earthy Italian liquor. It has all the good bitterness of Campari without much of the sweet edge. They like to drink it in club soda on hot days, but this cocktail boozes it up a bit with a good bit of bourbon. Cheers.

Source The Kitchn

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